AK-SAR-BEN Horse Racing History

Horse racing history world wide website. Provided by Ananias, LTD. Located in Omaha, Nebraska. This website was made to celebrate, AK-SAR-BEN, (NEBRASKA spelled backwards), located in Omaha, Nebraska, until it closed in 1995.

In 1983, Ak-sar-ben was ranked #9 in the country with an average daily attendance of 13,655. The daily mutuel handle averaged, $1,792,547 in 1985 and the daily attendance averaged 16,018 in 1978. In July 10th, 1982, a RECORD crowd of 31,696 attended the races and another record of $3,519,883 was wagered on June 22nd, 1985.

Ak-sar-ben's very first race was on July 6th, 1919, and with the exception of no racing during WWII, (1943-44), and raced every year until 1995.

Cornhusker Handicap Winners

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On May 13th, 1945, a crowd of 6,500 watched as racing RESUMED, after a two year absence, due to World War II, and never stopped, UNTIL August 7th, 1995. Then racing at Ak-Sar-Ben stopped forever.

Most racing fans here in Nebraska are still saddened by the sudden demise of Ak-SAR-BEN. What happened?? Was it a result of a political maneuver that none of us could change!! AK-SAR-BEN was sold to Douglas County (Nebraska), and eventually CLOSED. Most of us who drive along 72nd & Pacific St. today, cannot help but feel a sense of nostalgia and anguish over what was once the horse racing track called, "AK-SAR-BEN".

This website will review some of the history of AK-SAR-BEN horse racing. It will provide major statistics of the leading trainers, jockeys, owners and horses who participated and helped to make AK-SAR-BEN so successful for nearly 70 years. You can watch race replays of some of the most exciting races such as, Gold Cup, Cornhusker HCP, Speed HCp, and others. We must NEVER forget AK-SAR-BEN and try to keep it's memories and 'spirit' alive. Hopefully this site will allow people to learn and most of all, to relive AK-SAR-BEN'S great horse racing tradition. If anyone has anything they would like to add to this site, such as pictures, stories or advice to improve it, please e-mail us. This site is for ALL racing fans. ENJOY!!